Your Window Washing Business Can Grow At An Incredibly Fast Pace With Simple Testimonials

There’s nothing like having satisfied customers, but if they’re satisfied, then let’s have ’em tell us in their own words.

Ah…the beauty of testimonials.

Some window washers might be a bit shy or hesitant asking their customers to say good things about ’em, so one of the easiest ways to secure plenty of testimonials is to send out a “testimonial request” letter to your customers.

Below, I’ve included the one I used over the years, but before getting to that, let me explain all the ways testimonials can be used to your advantage.

It’s OK when you say great stuff about you in your marketing materials but if you can include some additional 3rd party endorsements of you and your service, now you have a marketing piece that really stands out and is much more credible.

For example…If you have a display ad running in a subdivision’s newsletter, always make sure that there is at least one testimonial posted within the ad. And if you can post a testimonial from someone who lives in that subdivision, that’s even better.

This really, really works. In one subdivision I was advertising in, I happened to clean the windows of the newsletter’s editor. He loved the window cleaning job I did so he was glad to provide me a testimonial.

Everyone in the subdivision knew him and his wife, so as soon as I inserted that testimonial into the ad, believability went way up, and so did my phone calls. Which of course resulted in more business. That’s just one subdivision.

If you are able to secure testimonials within a subdivision you’re advertising in and use them on your marketing pieces (postcards, flyers, ads, etc, obviously not everyone will be familiar with the person who gave you the testimonial so it’s important that you place the subdivision’s name under the person’s name who provided you the testimonial.

At least this way if the testimonial giver’s name isn’t recognized, the subdivision’s name will be. Anything you can do to lower a prospect’s wall of resistance is a definite plus.

Some marketers debate whether an unsolicited testimonial is better than a solicited one.

I personally believe as long as it’s a true representation of how your customer feels, what difference does it make? Who cares whether they voluntarily sent you a testimonial or you asked for it?

But…even though your customers will be all excited after the window washing job is done because they have clean windows, chances of them taking the time and going out of their way to send you anything is slim to none. They’re busy folks. So you HAVE to ask. And you also need to make it as easy as pie for them.

You want a clean, professional looking place for your customers and employees to enjoy.

It’s hard to keep your windows clean and free of streaks when you’re busy running your business.

Signature Window Washing will take care of all the window cleaning needs of your commercial property at an affordable price that won’t break the bank. We’ll even handle cleaning after construction or remodeling work is done! Call us today to get started on a quote for our services in Denver, CO area.

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